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Itch itch, scratch scratch!

Posted on January 3, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (86)
 It's that dreaded time of year again. When your skin is driving you crazy! How can it be Raining, Snowing, and Icy outside and I'm shriveling up like a prune? My legs look like they belong to a Lizard and my face has aged 20 years! I'm digging holes in my bra line and scratching my back against the wall!
 It's time to EXFOLIATE! A Loofah sponge and a Sugar scrub on the body and limbs is a great way to start. Using Olive oil afterwards to moisturize. 
For the Face I highly recommend a peel. Chemical peels are a great way to remove old dead skin and remove fine lines. Winter is the best time to do this. Because you are not exposing your skin to the sun like you do in the summer. We offer Chemical peels here and we would love to scedual you for one. (971)533-0248